Did it really happen??

Ok so forgive me but anyone who knows me well knows i’m not great with technology at all, give me flowers to work with any day, but when I was thinking of relaunching with a new website and a new look to my brand, the one thing I wanted to have a go at was blogging. I’m not even sure what blogging is lol and goodness knows what’s the correct way to go about it but I figured it’s a nice way of sharing with you, all about my business, sharing ideas, tips, and of course a way of letting you know what i’m up to and what wonderful weddings and events i’m involved with over the course of time. 

I thought i’d start with a little about Taylor Made Blooms and what a fabulous few years i’ve had building my little business. It’s unbelievable and I can’t believe how fast the years are flying by and had to ask myself ...did it all really happen??  

This month I celebrate going into my 4th year of Taylor Made Blooms and the one thing I need to say is a huge “thank you” to all of my wonderful couples who have put their trust in me as a fairly new business and allowed me to create all your beautiful florals for such an important day in your lives. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you all! 

Taylor Made Blooms was a pipe dream it seemed for me, having trained many years ago in floristry, still working as a professional nanny, I was struggling with having a real chance of using my skills whilst raising my own family, so it was put on the back burner. Life flew by and then suddenly my kids didn’t need me so much they were all planning on leaving home and I thought it was now or never!! I took the biggest risk and jumped into weddings and events feet first, closed my eyes and prayed!!! 

Well...I wished I’d done it years ago, but they say everything happens for a reason. Couldn’t have been my time before that. I can honestly say I’ve have had the best 3 years with the most exciting moments, amazing opportunities and wonderful days. It’s been a huge privilege to be part of a couples special day, creating their visions with beautiful flowers and foliage. It’s been an honour and I’ve loved the whole journey so far. 


Working from home and in my little studio has given me the opportunity to concentrate and give my full attention just to weddings and events which is where my passion is...oh and a lovely little bonus of course is I can take my dogs to work :-) Life is good! 

Being a Wedding and Event florist is hard hard work, unforgiving on the body, long hours and i’ll be honest with you highly stressful at times flowers don’t always do as they are told, I mean I know everyone loves a peony but have you ever tried to get those little babies open when they don’t want to!!  Seriously though its also amazing, rewarding, satisfying and a total pleasure seeing everything you designed coming together. The most magical moment for me is seeing my clients smiling when they see their flowers, that’s the best moment. I Love what I do and I wouldn’t want to do anything else. I live breath and chat about flowers all day long (my poor hubby)

Hopefully I will continue to grow my business from strength to strength, continue to work with the most incredible clients and of course with the most amazing, beautiful, natural florals!  Once again thank you to you all !

Helen xxx