Terms and Conditions


By paying the Booking fee to secure your wedding or event flowers with Taylor Made Blooms, you agree to the following terms and conditions. Any increase in order will be subject to the same terms.

To protect the reputation good name and quality of its design, I, Helen Taylor of Taylor Made Blooms are to be the Sole entity to provide fresh flower arrangements for the whole wedding package or I will of course be happy to just provide fresh flower arrangements for bridal and groomsmen party only, this is only where artificial flowers are being used for the venue, ceremony and or reception room or where no flowers are being used at all. I do not work alongside any other florist (unless employed by me), event specialist, or florist friend/family member who wishes to share responsibility of part or all the fresh floral arrangements for any part of the wedding, unless already agreed, and would ask that if you require just bridal party and groomsman flowers, please make this known at time of enquiries or before booking with Taylor Made Blooms. If after booking your flowers with Taylor Made Blooms, you employ another florist or have anyone else to do any part of your floral arrangements, I Helen Taylor reserve the right to cancel your wedding booking immediately.

Non-Returnable Booking fee

To secure your booking including the date of your wedding, I Helen Taylor of Taylor Made Blooms, require non-returnable booking fee. This is 25% of the total cost of your booking OR £150.00 whichever is the greatest, and will be deducted from your total cost. If you cancel your booking with Taylor Made Blooms, once a date and booking has been confirmed by myself, then this will not be returned to you. The booking fee is for covering time spent on providing quotes, spending time answering messages and emails, sourcing items and produce for your wedding and a holding date fee, Your wedding or event booking will only be confirmed by myself once your booking fee has been received and funds have cleared.

The remainder of your booking will be due 28 days before your wedding day, please make sure funds will clear before or on the 28th day before your wedding or event date. I reserve the right to cancel any booking if full payment is not received by this time and cancellation fees will be required. 


Prices quoted are as accurate as possible at time of booking, but please be aware that the cost of flowers and sundries can change daily, depending on the season, availability, any extreme weather conditions which can also effect prices, and euro-sterling exchange rate, as most of my flowers are imported from Europe and around the world. This quote can change in prices accordingly, although I try to anticipate any increases and provide an appropriate quote to cover this please be aware that quotes are a guide price and can change often. If after booking with me, prices change significantly, I will inform you before the balance is due and we can discuss if we need to make any changes to your final order. Once final payment is made 28 days before your wedding or event day, there will be no further increases to the cost of your flowers and there cannot be any changes to your order. I will however make small changes where possible to accommodate your needs.

Extra price increases may be applicable for immediate payment, due to unexpected sundries costs, services requested by you the client, or that have been added to the order after final payment date. Service charges may also apply, such as extra collections or unexpected clear away services.


As I am working with fresh flowers and foliage, there are occasions when a particular variety may be unavailable. Whilst every effort is made to source products accordingly, sometimes I am unable to obtain a particular type of flower. I may have to make appropriate substitutes if a flower or foliage is unavailable due to wholesaler problems or adverse weather conditions meaning there is no longer availability of that product or the quality of received flowers are not acceptable to my standards. I will use my experience and knowledge to substitute this with a ‘like for like’ design and price, and will do this with your colour scheme in mind and will make subtle changes to fit in with your requirements.

Outside floral arrangements.

Any arrangements that are created for outside your wedding venues, for example on beams, archways around doorways etc., can be subjected to extreme weather conditions and can suffer especially from the heat on hot days or strong winds. Taylor Made blooms are not responsible for an arrangement not lasting, and may wilt, crisp up or generally be blown about and stems may get broken. Taylor Made Blooms will secure and fix arrangements to the best of our ability and recommend florals and foliage that will be a bit hardier to these possible conditions.

Condition of floral arrangements that are out of water all day.

Taylor Made Blooms cannot be held responsible for your bouquets, buttonholes and corsages suffering due to be held, crushed or worn out of water all day, I make sure all florals and foliage are conditioned well and treated as they should be. I deliver bouquets in water but once they are held in hands for a whole day they can certainly start to wilt, buttonholes can be knocked, broken and crushed from all those hugs during the day. My advice is always get your bouquets straight back into water vases as soon as photographs are taken, this will give them a chance to have a good drink prolonging your bouquets quality and condition. 

Additional Costs

Further consultation’s taking place in the client’s home or venue will be charged at a rate of £20.00 per visit which will be added to your invoice. Of course, email, Messenger, text or phone call consultations are of no extra cost to the client. Please feel free to contact me at any time to discuss your booking and any changes to it.

Hired Prop Items

Damage to hired items from Taylor Made Blooms, missing hired items during or after your wedding or event are chargeable. Any damage or missing items to hired items are chargeable at the full cost of each item damaged or missing by you or your guests, even if the damage is caused by a staff member at the venue you are responsible for this cost. Costs will be taken from your deposit paid to hire any items and if this doesn’t cover the full amount of the damage you will be invoiced for any extra costs incurred. It is your responsibility to arrange return of these items safely to Taylor Made Blooms within 5 days after your event, collection may include a collection fee or may already be included in your floral arrangement costs. This will be stated on your quote before you make any payment towards booking Taylor Made Blooms for your wedding or event.

Any hire deposit payments must be paid 2 months (56 days) before the wedding date. This will be returned to you once any hired props are safely returned to Taylor Made Blooms.


By booking with Taylor Made Blooms, you give me permission to take and use any photos I see on social media that show my floral creations pictured in them for my website, Facebook page and Instagram. I will always credit any professional photographer that the picture belongs to and I always check with them directly if its ok to use them. If you would like professional pictures to be passed on to me for these purposes please give your photographer my details or provide me with your photographer’s details for me to contact them. 

Changes to orders

Once the booking fee has been received and your orders have been accepted, then any adjustments cannot reduce the total costs by more than 20%, and your total balance cannot fall below my minimum spend which currently is £450. Dates cannot be transferred to another date once booking is confirmed.

Cancellation charges

From booking until 6 months prior to wedding/event = loss of booking fee and 25% of balance. 

3-6 months prior to wedding/event= loss of booking fee and 50% of balance.

1-3 months prior to wedding/event = loss of booking fee and 75% of balance.

Up to 1 month prior to wedding/event = 100% of total amount of order including booking fee.


I strongly advise you to take out wedding insurance from a reputable provider in order to cover any loss of booking fee or incurred cancellation fees.

Taylor Made Blooms cannot be held responsible for non-delivery in extreme weather conditions or acts beyond our control.

I am fully committed to you, but in the unfortunate case of either hospitalization of myself or severe sickness, then I will provide either cover from another florist or if this is not possible I will provide provision of all your flowers for you to collect, and I will provide you with a refund less the cost of the flowers and the Non-returnable booking fee. 

I have full public liability insurance, please ask to see my certificate, this covers me in case of damage to venue or harm to a person caused by my negligence. 


Availability to you

We at Taylor Made Blooms are committed to you and your arrangements for your wedding day, including delivery of your flowers, set up at the ceremony venue, the reception venue and for transferring of floral arrangements from the ceremony venue to the reception venue. This service will be provided for by myself or any staff I employ. This service is chargeable depending on the service required.

Any questions or further requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Email helen@taylormadeblooms.com

Tel 07732591800

On Facebook @ facebook.com/taylormadeblooms

On Instagram @ https://www.instagram.com/taylormadeblooms